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Making Disciples

A new work by Jonathan Leeman.  This is the new work that is being used and recommended by Pastor Shane as essential reading for discipleship and mentoring.  Understanding church membership and discipline is vital to  establishing a framework for building or, at the very least, what to aim for.

Grace and Peace

Excellent resource if you want a basic understanding on the Qur'an.  In-depth and very readable… they way we have all come to know of the works written by Dr. White.  

Grace and Peace

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Pornography is a problem today and one of the ways for victory and control is an internet filter.  Protect your Family and yourself.  It is what we use here at Central Baptist Church and in our very own household.  Even if it is not a problem, make sure that it does not become one.  

Don’t forget to set it up on your phones and tablets

Grace and peace

Awesome DVD.  If you are into apologetics, this is something to see.  Whether you are classical or presuppositional in your apologetics, this is a must see.  Sye Ten Bruggencate is turning the Atheist community upside down on Youtube.  They seem afraid.  :)  

UPDATE - Sye Ten Bruggencate is coming to Central Baptist Church

Its Feb 28th to March 2nd

Friday night … 6:30pm - 8:00
Saturday 9am - 11:00pm  
Lunch 11:30am -1pm
Saturday 1pm -3pm
Sunday 10:45am
Grace and peace

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