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The greatest threat to today's church

Must read for all of us.  How can we get to the reason for it all.  The main point of all points of the scriptures.  This is the book that that you have been wanting to read even if you didn’t know it.  Doctrine is extremely important in the life of the church and you will see why


TGC Hawaii Overflow Conference | October 17-18 at Koolau Conference Center

What Is Reformed Theology? Teaching Series by Dr. R.C. Sproul

Just finished reading again… Here is a really good resource for understanding a gospel centered philosophy of ministry.  Nice Job 9 marks.  I really think that this book should be read before reading the 9 marks of a healthy church.  It feels a bit more foundational.  It gives us the reason why we aim for the 9 marks of a healthy church

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