Family-Integrated Church Walkthrough

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"Every Christian family ought to be as it were a little church, consecrated to Christ, and wholly influenced and governed by his rules. And family education and order are some of the chief means of grace. If these fail, all other means are likely to prove ineffectual. If these are duly maintained, all the means of grace will be likely to prosper and be successful.” - Jonathan Edwards (“Farewell Sermon”)
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1. Child Care during the Sunday Morning 10:45am service for those 7 and under – See church greeter for assistance

2. Sunday Morning Bible Study Supplement for all ages Sunday Morning 9:15 am

3. Resources for Parents available – See a pastor, deacon or a church member for assistance

4. Regular meetings with Parents and those interested held for Q&A and accountability (Every other month during the Sunday Evening Service)

5. Service “Nursery” and "Cry Room" in back of sanctuary for your use. Please see church greeter, deacon, or pastor for assistance

Video Walkthrough of What to Expect Before You Arrive